Taking Backup of swiscoin Wallet

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1). After Synchronization complete below screen will be appear.

2). Click on file on menubar and then click on “backup wallet” option.

It will ask for location to save Backup file of swiscoin wallet. Then save your backup file on secure location. This File contains your private key. So if you lost wallet then get backup of your old wallet by placing a backup file in following destination :

Operating System Default swiscoin datadir Typical path to wallet file
Windows  %APPDATA%\swiscoin\ C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\swiscoin\wallet.dat
Linux $HOME/.swiscoin/ /home/username/.swiscoin/wallet.dat

Another Method For Backup your Swiscoin Wallet.

We can get backup swiscoin wallet by just private key.

For getting a private key follow below method.

1). Go To Help In Menubar and then click on Debug Window option. Following screen will be appear.

2). Type dumpprivkey <swiscoinaddress>

3). You will get private key in console window.

4). Save this private key in safe place.

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