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Hello guyz,

Today i will explain you something amazing,

Real Price Growth of Swiscoin

SCN (Swiscoin) was started in sept 2015 with only 100 peoples payment network, at that time price was 0.10 USD / SCN

in December 2015 SCN was at the stage, more than 5000 peoples payment network, and that time price was 0.35 USD /SCN

in January 2016 SCN price will rise again and its touch 0.45 USD / SCN, and the payment network of swiscoin is expanded with more than 10000 peoples payment network.

Why swiscoin is rising faster ?

Swiscoin is a real mined cryptocurrency and its launched as an open source, when it was started there were only Swistech organization was developing that currency, But as on today so many big developers team are associated with swiscoin open source and they are developing them own portals by using swiscoin open source from GIT hub.

as on today so many financial institutes are working with bitcoin, they are starting work with swiscoin also, some companies are coming to use swiscoin open source, and developing them own payment systems with swiscoin.

Swiscoin is launched by network marketing also, as of my story, once i started work with bitcoin at 2010, there was not any opportunity of promotions, it was very difficult and expensive to explain technology to other peoples, that why only bitcoin was taken so much time for big rising, but at swiscoin i have a amazing network marketing concept, and a great technology sharing policy, by this policy today i explaining swiscoin payment network to more and more peoples, and they are joining in my team and they are also explaining swiscoin payment network for them bonuses.

Why start swiscoin ?????

1.After Bitcoin, litecoin, Only swiscoin will take place of New generation cryptocurrency

2.will be Decentralized after launch all the 3.1 billion coin in market.

3.Nobody can control your wallet, it’s your own only.

4.every swiscoins have an unique internet identity by electra digitization mining technology

5.SHA-256 Algorithm (upgraded than bitcoins)

6.Open source technology

7.Own Mining opportunity

8.More rewards from mining and promotions

9.An Exchanger opportunity

10.You can start your own wallets by using open source of swiscoin

11.Amazing Income opportunities by network marketing promotions

12.Successfully started in more than 90 countries.

13.Faster price growth than other crypto.

14.Faster bonus withdrawals No need to wait.

15.Enable to send money worldwide by swiscoins

16.more developers are associating with swiscoin open source

17.Fast growing in financial market

18.If you want to associate with me,

You can contact me:

[email protected]


SwisAsia Team.


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