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Difference between swiscoin payment Vs Traditional payment method:-

Easily Transaction with swiscoin Since I get paid in USD then I would need to convert that into swiscoin somehow. Most likely by buying them from an exchange. Surely this just creates an unnecessary step since I could just pay the merchant directly using the same method that I purchased the swiscoin from the exchange with.

Even if you are worried about anonymity you could just send cash through the mail directly instead of first sending it to an exchange. I mean, ultimately you need to convert the currency you are paid your salary into swiscoin one way or another. Why not just use that method to send the money directly? Show this image and Decide what is the best and easy method with safe your money transaction.

An alarming number of countries have gone bankrupt in recent times. However, when a developed European nation goes bankrupt, the world notices. The recent Greek debacle has brought to limelight, one of the main reasons bitcoin was invented. Because your government and central bank can go bankrupt too. And when that happens, you have no access to your own hard earned money. And our current debt based money system, which is a very new experiment in the history of money, can come to a catastrophical grinding halt.

Example:- Not surprisingly, bitcoin prices moved from $250 last month to $310 at its peak on 12th July in a matter of days. Once the Greek bailout news was out on 13th July, the price went down to $290. The price is still higher than it has been for all of 2015.

It shows that bitcoin is increasingly become the asset with which one can diversify one’s country and government risk. This choice was previously available only to the very rich. However, now everyone can neutralize a part of this increasing risk.

Today SwisCoin is large Marketcap currency or name. SwisCoin trading everyday wide area in Expance and Most trusted cryptocurrency after bitcoin. It is very safe security system or algorithm use or high professional IT Team. So join with SwisCoin and use our free open source code and great way to use and make your future. Many way through use Our Opensource System For Example:-You can Build Exchange wallet, Payment System, Payment Accept and Send System SwisCoin.

SwisCoin provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, revolutionizing the digital business world of today’s economy. The SwisCoin Reward Program is born on the success of the pioneering cryptocoin, Bitcoin!!


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