As an Investor

What is Swiscoin ??

Swiscoin is not only a new kind of money, but its more than money which called as a Cryptocurrency – created from Electro digitization mining system on base of advance mathematical algorithms Born out of the success of Bitcoin. Swiscoin is not a pre-mined currency, the participants will create the market, mine the coins, and make profits!! Swiscoin will be traded on a public exchange Best lucrative yet simple and fair compensation plan, Swiscoin can become the next successful generation of payment network as a crypto currency.

How does the Electro Digitization Algorithm Works ?

The Algorithm for legitimate crypto currency has a FIXED or FINITE number of solutions (Called coins),unlike an illegal money game in which they make as many fake coins as they want. Swiscoin’s algorithm can produce exactly 3.1 billion coins.
Everything is governed by the mathematics and cannot be changed once mining begins. You could even produce a crypto currency with just 3 coins (solution). In this example, all there are correct solutions the question – what makes 7? Therefore it would yield precisely 3 coins as a reward.

7 = 3+4 May be + or -
7 = 6+1 May be + or -
7 = 2+5 May be + or –


In 2010 a man buys a Burger for 11500 Bitcoins.
Today This is the worth around $8 million.
This is the most expensive Burger in the world!!!
That’s the magic of crypto currency world.

WHY SwisCoin is Better Than Bitcoin ?..

Advance and more secure technology using for Electro Digitization mining algorithm scripting. Smaller Denomination makes coin more usable (2.1 Bn Coins) – Bitcoin reached up to 1200 USD per coin, which made it inaccessible for many people and not practical as a currency. SwisExchange provided due to its centralization higher liquidity and less volatility, unlike multiple Swiscoin exchanges all selling at different rates.
Dedicated management team responsible for strategy, attracting merchants and building the Swiscoin Brands vs decentralized approach of bitcoin
Swiscoin is a mined in mining pools (or teams), keeping individual investment in hardware etc. minimal Swiscoin use KYC Procedure and cannot be abuse for illegal purpose like bitcoin was (bitcoin was used for buying drugs and weapons on the internet) Swiscoin is still in an early stage and therefore interesting for investor, while Bitcoin is already very mature- an the opportunity is over!


Swiscoin is an electronically encrypted currency. On Sept 2015, its first level encryption process was successfully completed to secure transactions and prevented it from larceny and illegal duplication


After encryption, the circulating amount of SwisCoin is locked to 3 Billion. Most will be issued within 3 years stage by stage in accordance to the demand for the coin.

Quick and Portable

No more cash and credit cards. No more service charges for currency exchange and taxes. SwisCoin transaction have no geographical boundary, provides ultimate convenience to users.