Technology DEVELOPER Group

Swistech Org.. is the team of developers from various countries as like Russia, Ukraine, Greenland, Poland and USA. And the team is motivated by Crypto Currency concept. They studied deeply and at the end of the study they found out the solution for the core concept which can lead the world of financial market at the speed of sunrays. They worked on it and made the documentation and physibility research and stamp out the system and launched in market. They compared their system with current running system in market; they meet the person who can put this proven system in the market so that the revolution rises in the world of crypto market.
Swistech Org. team decided to set up the virtual office for mailing and fax communication in BVI because they researched the entire thing, where the sources of IT and the regulations of government and the center region would be affordable to them.
The aim of the Swistech Org.. is to develop the crypto technologies that can be used by every person globally for their financial transactions need. Therefor company is developing the core system that can make the transactions very smooth.


For support across a growing number of Swiscoin communities company focus on Swiscoin Forums,Search for Users on Twitter and Facebook,Swiscoin-dev (for developers).

  • Resources

    For general information as well as a list of services
    and exchanges that support Swiscoin at the Swiscoin.com Up-to-date network statistics can be found at Swiscoin.com

  • Quick and Portable

    No more cash and credit cards . No more service charges for currency- exchange and taxes. SwisCoin transaction have
    no geographical boundary, provides ultimate convenience to users.

  • Limit

    After encryption, circulating amount of
    SwisCoin is locked to 3 Billion.Most will be issue within 3 year stage by stage in accordance to the demand for the coin.

  • Security

    Swiscoin is an electronically encrypted currency.On September 2015, its 1st level encryption process was successfully
    completed to secure transactions and prevented it from larceny and illegal duplication